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Environmental Law and Policy in Namibia: Towards Making Africa the Tree of Life (Third Edition)


This third edition of the publication Environmental Law and Policy in Namibia – Towards Making Africa the Tree of Life comes at a timely moment both nationally and internationally as the country tackles diverse and numerous environmental and developmental challenges while the world has agreed to a new set of ambitious global goals for sustainable development. The first and second editions of this book were published in 2011 and 2013, respectively, and both were a great success. We therefore have sustained our commitment to this work and funded this third revised and expanded edition.

The Namibian Government has taken the lead to recognize the impact of the population with its economic activities on the country’s natural environment and has also taken the initiative to adopt and domesticate ethical and humane legislation and policies to inclusively undertake, manage and monitor environmental management.

Namibia has made progress to foster cross-sectoral and dynamic solutions to address the far-reaching effects of climate change, desertification and the depletion of biological resources. As such, this book stands as a comprehensive and telling compilation of the Namibian Government’s commitment to tackle environmental challenges as not only users but also stewards of its endowments of natural resources.

The Hanns Seidel Foundation has for some decades now supported the protection of the natural environment as a part of its worldwide activities. This book further intersects with many aspects of the Foundation’s mandates to support political, economic and social development, especially in the Global South where economic development and environmental sustainability are often competing objectives.

Against this backdrop, the work of the editors and contributors is highly commended for demonstrating the interlinkages of the different sectors engaged in environmental management as well as the dynamic sphere of policy development and implementation guiding such efforts.

Dr. Wolf Krug

Regional Representative

Hanns Seidel Foundation Southern Africa