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What is TH!NK Namibia?

TH!NK Namibia is a national information campaign which was initially launched in 2015 and is run in different phases. The TH!NK Namibia Campaign serves the interested public and targeted individuals with information and educational content related to aspects of environmental awareness and climate change, water conservation, climate-smart agriculture, sustainable forest management, renewable energies and sustainable development.



21 June 2022
The NSFM project held a teacher and educators’ seminar on Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) on 2 June 2022 at the House of Democracy, Windhoek. The seminar was attended by organisations such as EduVentures, LAC, DAPP, WWF, IUM, UNAM, NIED, teachers...
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27 May 2022
On Friday, 20 May 2022, the Members of Parliament met at Safari Court Hotel and Conference Centre for a Parliamentary-Public Engagement on ‘Tackling Climate Change in Namibia – Forestry as Key Sector’. Namibia is one of the countries hit severely by ...
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27 May 2022
From 18 to 19 May 2022, a two-day workshop on Sustainable Forest Management was organised for 14 energetic young men from Community Forests from Kavango West Region in Nkurenkuru. Organised by the NSFM Project, this workshop is part of several worksh...
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24 May 2022
After having trained Traditional Authority representatives in Zambezi Region, the NSFM-Project visited Kavango West Region again to host another workshop with Traditional Authority representatives of Kavango West Region in Nkurenkuru on 17 May 2022. ...
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23 May 2022
The NSFM-Project organised another Round Table Discussion on the subject ‘Fencing in Community Forests and Conservancies’, this time in Nkurenkuru, Kavango West. On 16 May 2022, various representatives of the Kavango West Traditional Authorities, the...
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14 April 2022
From mid-March to the beginning of April, the ‘Promoting Sustainable Forest Management in the Kavango-Zambezi-Region in Namibia’ (NSFM) Project was in the field again and trained the members of five Community Forests in Zambezi, Kavango East as well ...
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