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The PREN Project Participates In Namibian Women’s Association Workshop For The Namibian Children’s Movement


The Promoting Renewable Energies in Namibia (PREN) Project participated in a two-day workshop hosted by the Namibian Women Association’s (NAWA) Children’s Movement on the 28th & 29th April 2018 at Jakob Marengo Secondary School in Windhoek.

Under the theme ‘We shall change the world’, the workshop was attended by learners from local schools in Windhoek as well as from other parts of the country.  Although the students attending the workshop came from all over the country, they were united by the passion to learn about the environment, climate change and leadership.

The two-day workshop programme comprised of exciting and insightful presentations and discussions including:

  • An introduction to the ‘Sanitary Pad Project’ by a team from South Africa
  • Manufacturing processes of re-usable pads
  • Leadership presentation by Ms Chandre
  • Roles and responsibilities of Executive Committees
  • Engaging the youth in the green economy- creating better opportunities by Ms Claudia Gossow

Ms Claudia Gossow gave a comprehensive presentation on climate change and the green economy. She provided practical examples of green business ideas that the participants can start with. Likewise, the PREN Project Coordinator Mr Rodney Seibeb highlighted the importance of sustainability in business. He urged the participants who want to venture into entrepreneurship not to focus only on making profits, but adopt what is referred to as the triple bottom-line. He explained that businesses that adopt the triple bottom-line continuously strive to consider the environment and the people as they endeavor to make profits.

The two-day workshop was not only informative but also inspirational to participants and facilitators as both were left inspired. The participants will be able to share the knowledge they acquired during the workshop with their friends, families and communities and bring about the change that is needed.

With the aim of finding ways and means to enable children to adopt progressive values in the community in which they live, the Children’s Movement strongly believes that children can become agents of change if they are empowered and assisted in this task.

The Principal of Jakob Marengo Secondary School Mrs Otilie Abrahams said that NAWA organizes workshops of this nature at the end of every school term with learners from school located in different regions of Namibia. She invited stakeholders in the areas of sustainable development to come on board.


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