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The Media Matter in a Warming World


From the 27-28 August 2015, a Climate Change Media Training for Namibian Journalist was held in Windhoek. The training was initiated by the Media for Environment, Agriculture and Sustainable Development in Namibia (Mead-Namibia) and was funded by the Hanns Seidel Foundation (HSF) Namibia, through its Environmental Awareness and Climate Change Project. It was held at the Namibian Institute of Culinary Education (NICE)...

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Supporting The Government And The People Of Namibia To Prepare For Climate Change And Its Impacts

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Namibia has been supporting the Government and People of Namibia with the implementation of development programmes and projects since 1990. Such programmes and projects generally aim to improve the protection and conservation of natural resources, particularly renewable ones that people depend on for daily survival, i.e. use for food and to secure incomes and...

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Water As A Human Right

The extent to which any Government facilitates the requirements for equitable access to water and sanitation by its citizens has been under discussion for a long time by the international community. On 28 July 2010, after years of campaigning to capture the right to water and sanitation services, the United Nations General Assembly eventually passed Resolution 64/292 in which the right...

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Youth Profile: How The Youth Can Transform Our Society For A Climate-Resilient Future

The other main reason to start this project is to educate and motivate people to conserve and sustain our environment through urban gardening. Being a part of the Tsumeb Young Achievers group has extremely uplifted and motivated me to pursue my interest in climate change. I want to encourage young people out there to contemplate sometime in their lives about starting...

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What Will Stop Global Warming? – Not Cop21 Or Any Other Agreement By World Leaders

It would be wrong and foolish to assume that the world’s leaders are incapable of the wisdom and foresight needed to come to an agreement this December in Paris on setting global limits to Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GGE). It would be equally wrong to believe that these politicians are incapable of the guile to agree on nothing more than what they...

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Wolwedans Sustainability: Acting Today For A Better Tomorrow

Wolwedans – a household name in the Namibian tourism circuit – is more than a collection of camps. Its ethos lies in setting an example in sustainable business practices. During 2015 the entire Wolwedans Collection was audited by Eco-Awards Namibia and scored a five-flower rating at the very first go. This remarkable achievement affirms the leading role Wolwedans has adopted in running...

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